Workshop on Dual-Use Technologies for Autonomous Land Vehicles


Lisbon, Portugal

The security and non-dependence of the supply of specific electronic components are major concerns for Europe. Especially now that automated driving is not a question of if but of when, the use of such components becomes paramount. This workshop will bring together both civil and military communities to discuss commonalities and synergies to be achieved in electronic components and systems areas such as sensors, lidars or low power processors.


A number of Research and Innovation programmes run the European Commission (EC), the Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership Joint Undertaking (ECSEL JU) and the European Defence Agency (EDA) address technologies in such electronic components and systems areas.


Closer cooperation in research and development in the area of dual-use technologies would contribute to a better leveraging and a more efficient use of private and public investments contributing to Europe’s growth.


The objective of the workshop is to present projects that work in the area of autonomous land vehicles, explore the similarities in the needs of the civilian and military communities and debate the ways to improve cooperation and address, among others, non-dependence, common requirements but also differences.


Registration to this workshop is free of charge, but the number of places is limited. The registration will open October 1st and has to be done on-line by 15 October 2018.

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