“Future of AI in Automotive” Conference

11-12-2018 - 12-12-2018

Berlin, Germany

The main themes of the international “Future of AI in Automotive” conference include:

- The AI powered Enterprise: AI as a Tool for industrial Applications and Processes

- AI & ML Technologies for Automated Driving & Autonomous Vehicles

- Quality Assurance & Dealing with Uncertainty

- Data Security, Data Management & Synthetic Data

- Simulation, Testing and Validation of AI

- Sensor Models & Sensor Fusion

- HW / SW Architecture

- Safety & Security

- Computer Vision, Perception & Traffic Conditions: Environmental Modeling and Path Planning

- AI-based digital Companions in the Car: Chatbots & virtual Assistants

- Ethical & legal Requirements: Societal Acceptance, Ethical Framework & Regulations for future AI Applications in the Car

The agenda will boast of presentations given by internationally renowned experts and has been put together with the help of our conference chairmen:

Prof. Dr. Philipp Slusallek, Scientific Director Research lab Agents and Simulated Reality

Dr. Christian Müller, Head of Team Autonomous Driving ASR &Competence Center for Autonomous Driving (CCAD) both from DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence)

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