About Drives

DRIVES is developing human capital solutions for all levels of the automotive value chain


The Development and Research on Innovative Vocational Educational Skills project (DRIVES) will deliver human capital solutions to the whole automotive supply chain through the establishment of an Automotive Sector Skills Alliance, covering all levels of the value chain (vehicle production, automotive suppliers and automotive sales and aftermarket services). Through the network of the partners, DRIVES outcomes will be disseminated EU-wide to more than 300 associations, bringing together more than 270,450 companies of all sizes, representing over 7 million workers.



Project Coordinator
VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava (VŠB-TUO), Czech Republic

Project Members
24 stakeholders from 11 EU partner countries - Austria (ISCN Graz, TU Graz, FH Joanneum), Belgium (ETRMA, ACEA, CLEPA, Efvet), Czech Republic (VSB-TU Ostrava), Hungary (Budapest University of Technology and Economics), Italy (SPIN 360, Sistemi Formativi Confindustria), Netherlands (U Twente, Symbol Business Improvement), Poland (East Automotive Alliance), Romania (APIA), Spain (SERNAUTO, Mondragon University, AIC, GESTAMP), Portugal (IPV, IDESCOM, Universidade do Minho, Eupportunity) and UK (SEMTA).

Steering Board Members

The Project draws on the expertise and input from 11 entities, chaired by ACEA, supported by CLEPA, ETRMA – and selected GEAR 2030 members - will be responsible for setting the industrial strategy and direction for the project.

Its members are the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation, Petrochemicals Europe, Automotive Industry Association of the Slovak Republic, Grupo Antolín, Association of Portuguese Mechanical Engineering and Simial Industrial Companies, Municipality of Mangualde, Jaguar Land Rover, IndustriAll, VDA, Automotive Council UK and CECRA.



  • Start of the project: January 2018
  • End of the project: December 2021
  • Funded by the Erasmus+ Sector Skills Alliances Programme with a budget of €3,987,590
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