5.1 EU automotive apprenticeship forum to promote and exchange good practice

We have established the DRIVES Automotive Apprenticeship Network (DAAN) on LinkedIn to bring together stakeholders to share ideas and approaches relating to apprenticeships in the EU’s automotive sector. Join in the discussion here

DRIVES partners worked with focused forums, such as the European Alliance for Apprenticeships, to support effective dissemination of good practices to EU wide audiences. This has included playing a prominent role in conferences on topics such as improving mobility and developing shared understanding of the marketplace.

The DRIVES Project has collected good examples of innovative practise relating to Apprenticeships in the form of a series of case studies across a range of themes.  Both the themes and an explanation of them and the case studies themselves can be found here.

5.2 Understanding the apprenticeship marketplace

The aim of this report is to support the development of a shared understanding of the automotive apprenticeship marketplace so that the sector can promote apprenticeships effectively and meet identified challenges. This explores potential improvements in all aspects of the marketplace including; planning, recruitment, support arrangements, employer involvement, tackling skill gaps, monitoring, evaluation, learning from good practice and trans-national networking and working.

Click here to read the Full Report.

Click here to read the Key Issues Report.

Click here to read the Update Report. Alternatively, you can read its following separate sections: Executive SummaryRecent DevelopmentsInnovative Practice, and Practical Implications.

5.3 Promoting the apprenticeship marketplace

To promote the attractiveness of apprenticeship, we brought together stakeholders including youths, employers, training providers and institutions across the EU to educate and raise awareness of routes into the sector. A series of activities were carried out, including the development of the Junior Automotive Apprenticeships Advisory Board, an apprentices conference held in 2020. 

As a follow-up of exchange of ideas and good practices, under Gestamp's coordination, partners involved produced a Guide to support companies with their endeavours to get competent staff. The guide has an interactive design and is mainly addressed to SMEs. The detailed description of the process towards attracting and engaging an apprentice is accessible on the ‘Hiring an apprenticeship Guide’.

5.4 Addressing future skills demands and Industry 4.0

We have explored approaches allowing the marketplace to better meet both the current and future skills needs of the automotive sector. This involved developing an EU wide automotive apprenticeship recruitment tool, including for higher level and degree apprenticeships, to create pipeline of apprentices for future skills.


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