Reference and Recognition Framework

DRIVES Project is working on the EU-wide framework to support and harmonize Skills Agenda in Automotive Sector.


Establishment of the DRIVES Framework will assure:

  • Reference recognition and description of job roles and competences across EU Automotive Industry

  • EU database of training courses for Automotive Industry - as “broker” between industry skills/competence/job roles needs and training offer

Advertisement on whole EU market

Possibility for industry to choose “the right training” and “training path”

Possibility for training providers to see skills and their levels of training need and prepare new training courses “on demand”


  • Harmonized approach to recruitment and Mobility of workforce across the sector

Digital Badge for level of Competences/Skills achieved


  • Quality pledge of the training courses across EU

Assured by mapping exercise



DRIVES Framework overview:



Main features of the Framework:

  • Continuous update of Job roles and its Competences/skills definitions - Expert community approach
  • Database of training courses for Automotive Sector (paid/free, onsite/online, with certificate/without certificate, etc.)
  • DDB - DRIVES Digital Badge for achievement of the level of competence/skill by plugged-in training


Based on the main features, “smart” features:

  • Assessment own competences/skills
  • Training path definition to gain desired job role and its competence/skill levels



Mapping is based on the following basic structure:

  • Reference definition of Automotive specific Job Roles and its Competences/Skills and Knowledge on desired leves
    . Compliant with ESCO, EQF
  • Mapping to existing Training and Education
    . Providing ECTS/ECVET



For more information click the link: DRIVES Framework presentation

Get involved:

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