Reference and Recognition Framework

DRIVES Project is piloting the EU-wide framework to support and harmonise Skills Agenda in Automotive Sector.

What is it about?

Main Objectives
Main Features
  • Continuous update of Job roles and its Competences/skills definitions - Expert community approach
  • Database of training courses for Automotive Sector (paid/free, onsite/online, with certificate/without certificate, etc.)
  • DRIVES Digital Badge for achievement of the level of competence/skill by plugged-in training
  • Tools apprenticeship comparison tool or good practice resource
  • Learning accounts and management tracking of trainee progress and management of training courses by providers
  • API to issue the digital badges and more
Structure and Mapping
Recognition and Sustainability
  • DRIVES Framework is one of the main tools of the Automotive Skills Alliance (ASA) - alliance with more than 80 partners
  • Using the framework will provide an opportunity to increase the impact of the training of individual providers
  • Explore and currently available training that came up from the ASA partnership

Further Resources

DRIVES Framework

Main documentation of the DRIVES Framework describing in more detail the following:
  • DRIVES Framework Concept
  • Overall Framework Structure
  • DRIVES Digital Badge
  • DRIVES Framework Ecosystem
  • DRIVES Framework Platform Features
DRIVES Framework API and Pilot Plug-in of Existing Courses

Technical documentation of the DRIVES Framework API and examples on the training courses integration contains information on:
  • DRIVES Framework technical documentation
  • Plug-in of Existing Training Courses by internal and external providers as well as projects
Get involved!
  • Would you like to provide us feedback to the framework?
  • Would you like to plug-in your existing training to the DRIVES Framework?
  • Would you like to schedule a demo or inquire for more information?

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