Work packages

Work Package 1


The objective of this WP is to ensure the project is conducted on time, according to the budget and directed towards the overall project objectives. This includes technical project coordination, management of financial aspects especially the project funding, legal aspects and any IP handling.


  • Coordination of the technical activities of the project and linking together all project components.

  • The overall legal, contractual, ethical, financial and administrative management.

  • Maintaining communication with the European Commission and each partner.

  • Coordination of knowledge management and other innovation-related activities in connection with dissemination & exploitation.

  • Establishing and maintaining conflict resolution and management of strategic orientation of the project.




Project Coordinator

Work Package 2


Work Package 2 will last 37 months, starting at the end of the first year of the project. By bringing together updated information from partners and governing body members, and together with market information, the Work Package will permit to:


  • Ensure a constant view on the changing skills needs in the automotive sector, linked to the main drivers (emerging technologies and trends) that are influencing the change

  • Aggregate and continuously update sectoral knowledge and intelligence at European level

  • Maintaining communication with the European Commission and each partner.

  • Define and continuously update a strategic roadmap for skills in the automotive sector, relying on the existing GEAR2030 strategy

  • Provide advice to WP3, WP4 and WP5 to ensure future skills needs are being taken into consideration by those WPs.

  • Maintain an active online resource that combines existing information in a manner suitable for educational providers, companies and awarding bodies to understand skills trends.




Work Package Leaders

Work Package 3


In this project, a number of Automotive associations and existing European networks will be integrated for a sector specific solution for the Automotive sector. Main Deliverables:


  • Establish pool of skills following skills definition norms

  • Registration and Skills Self Assessment Services at ECQA portals

  • Integrated Online Campus

  • European Certificates




Work Package Leaders

Work Package 4


This WP enables the movement of workers/learners across the Continent and enhances the use of existing funding programmes. Its main objective is to ensure that European national governments mutually recognise activities performed in other European countries, in particular for vocational education. Once in place this project is then able to encourage its wider partnership (from within GEAR 2030 and beyond) to participate in funds such as Erasmus+ KA1.


To ensure the path to a sustainable transferability of skills, this WP moves from complete, readily packaged Skills Sets in WP3 to a more fine granular modular approach introducing skills bricks that can be classified for comparability. Skills bricks can be of any size, e.g. a complete job role skills set, or a standalone university course with just a few ECTS points. With this approach, WP4 will create an open framework to accommodate all relevant existing transferability frameworks like on the VET side ECQA Skills Sets, Skillman job descriptions, Skills Council demanded job role description, etc.; on the universities side the ECTS recognition system, etc.




Work Package Leaders

Work Package 5


This WP will explore the steps required to create an effective apprenticeship market place to match oversupply of high quality candidates with smaller, or less well known, employers needs. Allowing potential talent to be retained for the sector and supports mobility of labour thereby beginning to address local imbalances of human capital supply and demand. This transferability and flexibility of skills is essential to meeting both sector and corporate objectives and can be linked to demonstrable return on investment and business impact.


This WP will be led by Semta and will last approximately 3 years, starting at project initiation. By working together with project partners, governing body members, trade institutions and employers within the automotive industry (OEM’s and supply chain), and through obtaining and analysing market intelligence, this work package will allow us to gain a common EU wide understanding of the automotive apprenticeship market place through sharing of good practice between OEM’s, supply chain companies. Explore the steps required to create an effective apprenticeship market place to match oversupply of high quality candidates with smaller, or less well known, employers. This will ensure that potential talent is retained by the sector whilst supporting labour mobility that addresses local imbalances of human capital supply and demand.


The ambition of this WP is to agree a central model, with local adaptation, that will allow for the ongoing tracking and management of the industry’s future talent, allowing a proactive approach to employee recruitment to meet the needs of specific elements of the automotive industry.




Work Package Leaders

Work Package 6


Work Package 6 will be led by Eupportunity in coordination, mainly, with sector partner associations and making use of inputs from entities in the SB. The activity will be developed from the start of the project with the definition of a strategy plan for wider communication and dissemination of SSA work, at different level and fora, according with the project’s goals within the work packages. This endeavour will last to the end of the project, nonetheless, paving the way to a framework allowing the widening and implementation of the Blueprint SSA work legacy.

Considering the objectives of the call and the Blueprint SSA aims, Work Package 6 is crucial for obtaining the core objectives of mobility and wider take-up of common European standards, being fundamental the enterprise of a sustainable vision for how the activities of the Blueprint SSA will be sustained and developed at the end of the project.


Work Package Leaders





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