The 1st Seminar of the Blueprint for Sectoral skills projects

On the 15th November, the European Commission organized a seminar for the first five Blueprint projects to discuss two themes: skills intelligence and the projects’ expectations of future skills policy. Among these, the DRIVES project is included.


The first projects began almost a year ago and focused on the following topics: 


The seminar, focusing on the Skills Agenda,provided an opportunity to share knowledge, to reflect on the challenges and breakthroughs so far, and to meet with stakeholders among and beyond the partnerships that will help to maximize the sustainability and impact of each Blueprint in years to come. The skills intelligence generated by the Blueprint projects will feed into the Skills Panorama.


During the session, participants highlighted several significant issues and policy messages. Such as the importance of key competences; of the power of diverse alliances; of coordinating policies at different levels, particularly at the regional level; and of a stronger link between education & training and the labour market.


The key competences include basic and digital skills, a mix of cognitive and socio-emotional skills such as problem solving, creativity, communication and collaboration, and ‘learning to learn’. But they also include STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).


The next steps of the Blueprint projects will include the development of new or updated vocational education and training content as a building block of each project’s ultimate goal: a skills strategy for the sector.


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